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About Graham Ivory

I have been in the Fitness Industry for almost 20 years since completing a Sports Science Degree and am a qualified American College of Sports Medicine Instructor and am on the Register of Exercise Professionals.

I am currently studying for an MSc in Strength and Conditioning at The University of Salford.

I like to train most days and compete in marathons, half marathons and triathlons with the occasional fell race thrown in for good measure. I have completed ‘The Marathon des Sables’ across the Sahara Desert.

By bringing the energy, experience and commitment that I try to adopt in my own lifestyle I hope to bring about a positive change in yours.

A wealth of experience has given me the ability to offer you a varied and rewarding form of training. Personal Training with me will be effective, challenging and fun, you may set new goals along the way and together we will accomplish them.

“At the end of each session I feel so much better about myself and have a real sense of achievement.”

Train with Graham Ivory, Chester Based Personal Trainer

07958 138 639 | graham@grahamivory.co.uk


Doubletree, Chester

Located just off the Hoole roundabout, close to the M53/A55 The Club & Spa at Hoole Hall offers exceptional facilities in outstanding surroundings.

You will need to be a member to train with me here.


Prophysio, Chester

Located just off the Hoole roundabout in Chester, ProPhysio is the region's premier Spinal, Sports & Dance Injury Physiotherapy Centre. It boasts state of the art treatment facilities with an onsite gymnasium. You would not need to be a member (or injured) to train with me here.


Total Fitness, Chester

Located on Liverpool Rd, Chester total Fitness is the City's biggest Health Club boasting 3 pools, squash courts and a vast array of exercise equipment.

You will need to be a member to train with me here.


Home Training

The joy with this option is that you can achieve your fitness goals without even leaving the house. I will come to you, bringing any equipment necessary – all we need is a bit of floor space.

I've trained people in kitchens, living rooms, garages and even in the bar of a pub (not during opening hours of course!)– you'll be surprised what you can achieve in your 'home' gym

Your house!

Train with Graham Ivory, Chester Based Personal Trainer

07958 138 639 | graham@grahamivory.co.uk


Hourly Bookings

Appointments are typically for 1 hour and all will start with a consultation that will include a brief pre-activity questionnaire, maybe some goal setting and a chat about the best way to achieve these goals.

We will take measurements if appropriate (body fat distribution, body composition, fitness level, anthropometric measurements, flexibility, movement screening) as this will give us a quantifiable starting point from which to move forward.

Your diet will be discussed, whether it be to improve performance or to lose/gain weight. If necessary a nutrition diary can be used.


  • Flexible hours
  • Clear goal setting
  • Monitoring progress
  • Nutrition Diary

Wedding Packages

3 months/12 sessions/from £420 – with this package we will concentrate on losing fat and sculpting the more visible areas such as your arms back and shoulders. We will include dietary advice and personal plan which we will update as we progress. Measurements can be taken to quantify your progress.


  • Look your best for your big day
  • Target those ‘on show’ areas
  • Nutrition plan and advice
  • Motivation

Ski Packages

2 months/8 sessions/from £280 – A ski holiday wouldn’t be complete without sitting against a wall the night before you leave in a frantic attempt to be ready for the slopes after having done nothing since your last ski holiday. Being ski fit really will allow you to get the most from your time away. With this plan we will largely concentrate on developing lower limb strength and endurance to enable you to fully enjoy your time on the slopes. We will spend time working on your lateral stability and eccentric quad/hamstring strength to assist and therefore help protect your ACL.


  • Get fit for the slopes
  • Help avoid injury
  • Ski better, for longer
  • Get the most out of your holiday

Sport Specific Packages

3 sessions initially/from £120 – This plan will help focus on readiness for your particular sport. You may be returning after an injury or just wanting to perform better than last season. It will really be designed to assess your training needs and put a training plan in place that you can work on yourself. It will include an assessment (body measurements, movement screening, needs analysis of sport) and a programme adapted to the needs of your sport (endurance, power, speed, agility, strength).


  • Train specifically for your sport
  • Run faster, jump higher, be more agile
  • Help avoid strains, sprains and injuries

Marathon Packages

3 sessions plus programme preparation/from £150 - At least 16 weeks advanced notice would be ideal. This package will include various initial assessments (Sub Max VO2, Estimated Lactate Threshold, Body Composition and movement screening), nutrition advice and an endurance running specific periodised plan aimed at increasing VO2, Lactate Threshold and running economy and efficiency.


  • Periodise your training plan
  • Become a more efficient runner
  • Run faster, for longer
  • Nutrition advice
  • Race strategy

Holiday Packages

4 half hour sessions a week for 4 weeks/from £320. Ideally we would spend the whole year getting/staying in shape so when a holiday comes along the threat of donning the Speedos or bikini doesn’t fill us with dread. However, just in case the ideal scenario hasn’t panned out and you’re in a panic then this package could be the one. Designed as an intense few weeks to get your metabolism up and get you burning fat faster 24/7, we will tone those target areas and also put a nutrition plan in place.


  • Improve your shape, fast!
  • Look and feel better on the beach
  • Get more out of your holiday

Case Studies

The Marathon Runner – Anouska

The Marathon Runner - Anouska

I have always been a very keen gym goer however after training for (and completing) the Edinburgh Marathon and cycling from Land's End to John O'Groats in 2009 I lost all impetus for anything exercise related! In order to get back on track (and with my birthday getting close) I decided to try some personal training.

I'll be honest, I chose Graham purely as he offered a free consultation and that word (free!) gets me every time! I was nervous and didn't know what to expect however I found him very friendly and easy to talk to and I have been seeing Graham ever since. I have learnt a great deal making my time in the gym a lot more beneficial and he continues to help me meet my ever changing targets. To date he has helped me; lose weight and feel great in my wedding dress, tone up for holidays, train for races (half and full marathons) and aided my recovery when suffering from injury. Most importantly he has helped improve my strength to overcome the problems I have with severe over-pronation; when my physio suggested my feet weren't made for running Graham kept me running :) Graham has always been available for advice over coffee; from tips on nutrition to devising training plans and pace bands, he does what he can to help.

He is very supportive in any challenge I set myself and I knew he would be tracking me as I completed the London Marathon earlier in the year (this proved by the instant message of congratulations when I crossed the finish line!). I also have Graham to thank for helping me achieve my PB in the Chester Half this year. I had long awaited a sub 2hr but after several attempts couldn't quite break the mark. To ensure I wouldn't be disappointed again Graham offered to be my pacemaker and got me across the finish line in 1:56:10 (beating him!). At present I am training for the Chester Marathon in October with the aim of beating my London time 4:31:33...we'll see...

Graham says

“Anouska was quite used to exercise when we started training together and she was able to cope with everything that I threw at her (sometimes quite literally). Her work ethic is beyond question but we had to take a number of things into consideration as she had some previous injuries and ongoing issues to take into account. As a result of relatively poor lower limb stability and poor inherent foot strength some biomechanical issues had led to shin, calf and lower back injuries. For the marathon we worked on an endurance running specific periodised plan involving strength, flexibility and tendon properties as well as some rehab exercises. ”

The Mountain Biker – John

The Mountain Biker - John

As an enthusiastic mountain biker, I was keen to improve both my stamina and cycling fitness. I approached Graham with a view to accomplishing this but with some trepidation, having never worked with a Personal Trainer before and consequently not knowing what to expect.

At my first consultation, Graham took time to understand and measure my then current level of fitness and what it was I wanted to achieve with my riding, and set about working out a programme to allow me to meet these targets. My programme is reviewed every fortnight and changed to suit the progress I’ve made with emphasis on ensuring I carry out the various exercises safely, and understanding what it is I should be doing to maximise the benefit from our sessions. As a result the sessions are always challenging and engaging.

The results from training with Graham have been significant. I am now noticeably leaner, and a lot stronger on the bike. We have worked heavily on my core strength and as a result co-ordination and balance on the bike are hugely improved. I do some endurance mountain bike racing and before I started training with Graham I would be pleased finishing half way down the field. Now I finish regularly in the top 20%. Graham has also been an excellent and knowledgeable source of information on both nutrition and diet. His advice is practical and sustainable and with his help I have lost over 3 stone. The drop in clothes sizes is a great confidence booster!

Graham says

“At 6 foot 7 John is a big, powerful biker and we needed to address a number of things. We needed to improve his endurance ability as he takes part in many ultra distance races, we needed to look at his power capabilities to ensure that hills didn't present as much of a problem and we needed to work on his balance and core strength to ensure that he doesn't use too much energy keeping his bike on the track.

Ultimately we wanted him to have more power and strength without sacrificing his endurance and vice versa. John has lost two stone whilst also increasing his power, strength and endurance. He trains hard and believes quite rightly that the more you put in the more you get out. ”

The Skier - Angela

The Skier - Vicky

I first came to Graham three years ago after I had ruptured my ACL for the third time whilst skiing. Initially he worked closely with Gary at Prophysio on a specifically tailored rehabilitation programme. Within six months of surgery, thanks to Graham, I was skiing again. This time I felt stronger and fitter than with any of the previous injuries and most importantly this gave me the confidence to get back skiing again.

I have continued to see Graham since then and always feel that one session with him is better than three in the gym on my own! I am always surprised that the seemingly small adjustments he makes to the way I do some exercises makes them so much more effective than if I was doing them on my own. The sessions are always varied and the fact that I have a regular appointment makes me so much more motivated to exercise than if left to my own devices. I also feel very comfortable being able to have the sessions in the privacy of the Prophysio Gym. I would very much recommend Graham.

Graham says

“Angela was referred to me by prophysio after having had an ACL reconstruction on her left knee. This is a fairly major operation even if you are relatively inactive. Angela is a keen skier. Her specialist had said no skiing for 6 months so Angela booked her ski trip to coincide with this advice – she was due to be on the slopes the day after her 6 months was up!

We built things up from fairly simple beginnings. Stability was our main concern but we had to look at things from a 3 dimensional point of view, any kind of movement, whether it is running, jumping or skiing. Lateral strength and stability was important as was the ability of the muscles around the knee to assist in the deceleration process.

We tried to combine these exercises with other movements involving a lot of other muscles to increase muscle tone and have a positive effect on the heart rate. Angela not only made it through skiing but also skied better than she had in a long while – she also lost over half a stone into the bargain.”

The Adventurer - Vicky

The Adventurer - Vicky

Graham was recommended to me by a Total Fitness over two years ago when I wanted to improve my fitness for a charity trek [along the Great Wall of China] that I wanted to do for my sixtieth birthday.

I did feel slightly apprehensive but Graham was very easy to get along with. Training with Graham has been one of the best things I have ever done, I am not only fitter but have become more confident, having gone on to do even more challenging treks.

I am still training with Graham two and a half years down the line! There is not a better recommendation than that.

Graham says

“When I first met Vicky she lacked a little confidence in her own capabilities. But, after climbing Kilimanjaro this year, it seems, and quite rightly so, that she can do pretty much anything she sets out to do. Vicky was strong and fit when she came to me but what she struggled with was balance and more functional strength both of which would be necessary for her challenge. It was a case of developing her strengths to help her with her then goal, The Great Wall.

We tried to recreate the conditions and the physical nature of the trek and build a routine around them rather than just spend an hour on a step machine. The same thing was true for Kilimanjaro this year, we weren't going to be able to recreate the effects of altitude but if we could be confident Vicky were able to cope with the physically demanding nature of the climb then we were almost at the top! I believe Everest is next!”

The Ironman - Niall

I remember my first question to Graham "What will a personal trainer give me?" Graham asked what do you want to achieve my answer was drop some weight and complete the following events. Cheshire Cat 100 mile &Wicklow 200K bike sportive, Sand Stone Trail race 33 mile run, Swim the Chester D mile and then my major aim was complete an Ironman triathlon all within 2012. I also explained that I was not the best for following dieting or training plans.

Based on that we discussed my current training schedule which to be honest was whatever I felt like doing on the day. We discussed my current diet (which was not the best) and how that would impact my level of fitness and could be detrimental to me achieving my goals, Graham then explained how different training exercises with a good diet would be beneficial to me in helping me to obtain my goals.

I found that with Graham’s personal approach the training plans he set with the clear explanation of the benefit was pure motivation for me to work that bit harder. This gave me the confidence and belief not only to follow a structured training plan but for once look and amend my diet over the coming months.

I also found our informal sessions where we discussed what was working well and what might need tweaking to be highly beneficial to me and also give me that bit of motivation I needed to believe in myself.

Back to my first question Graham as my personal instructor give me the confidence, motivation and belief to have a planned training schedule and amend my diet which resulted in me completing all my goals I had set my self this year with the last one, Ironman Bolton, being completed in July. Cheers Graham for your help &support, Niall

Graham says

“Niall is proof to us all that if you want to do something and have a plan it can be achieved. Niall was totally responsible for all his results through his hard work and dedication to the ultimate goal, The Ironman – a 2.4mile swim followed by a 112mile cycle followed by a 26.2 mile run. We simply worked out where he was and where he wanted to be and the time we had and devised a realistic plan accordingly. We periodised this plan not only to incorporate his other events but also the sheer volume of training required and the potential problems this may present. His gym based routines became more structured, based around making him a more efficient athlete so his muscles didn’t need to work as hard which is ultimately a good thing during an Ironman!”

Rowing in the Family - Aaron and Zoe

We are 15 year old twins who, as rowers, appreciate the need for strength, stamina and overall fitness. We were recommended to Graham as a trainer of elite athletes. He has been a fantastic trainer, even managing to motivate us with his enthusiasm and humour after hours training on the river.

All of our personal bests on the ergometer have improved significantly throughout the year, and we have both competed in the 1st Eights for our age group at a national level on many occasions and Ghent International Regatta. Although hard, the sessions are always fun and highly beneficial. Thank you, Graham!

Graham says

“For Aaron and Zoe we needed to break down the physical requirements of rowing and base our workouts around them. We try and work not only the muscles and energy systems required but also the movements involved. Whilst there are obvious difficulties and limitations involved in training two people together it is made a lot easier when their age, skill set and goals are similar. ”

The Winter Olympic Hopeful - Jack

The Winter Olympic Hopeful - Jack

I first came across Graham when I had been picked for the GB u14s roller hockey team in early 2011, who would later travel to the Junior Olympics in California in July that year. I wanted to get fitter to be prepared for the big tournament so I went to Graham for personal training once a week.

His training helped greatly and by the time of the tournament I was at my peak fitness. Graham did specialised excersises with me which involved the muscles used in roller hockey as well as working on balance and core strength. This meant I was stronger in the areas where it made a difference to me in my sport. These excercises were interesting and varied.

Because this training helped so much, I continue to use Graham on a weekly basis. He is always flexible around my sporting commitments. He is what can be only described as a "Bantersaurus Rex" as he balances the seriousness and intensity of the training with his own brand of humour.

Graham says

“Jack presented us with some challenges, we had to try and develop his strength, power, core strength and balance whilst bearing in mind his age and the restrictions this placed upon us. The aim was to improve Jack’s balance and core strength enabling him to still get shots/passes away when his centre of gravity was affected. Improvements in strength and power would help his short distance sprint speed and also his ability to remain in possession when perhaps other might not wish him to be. We used mainly body weight exercises initially but adapted them where possible to make them more dynamic and apply different forces. ”

The Semi-Professional Dancer - Richard

The Semi-Professional Dancer - Richard

Graham is a fantastic (though hideously ugly) coach. He is enthusiastic and funny, but has a wealth of knowledge about training and fitness, which means he is able to give me advice and feedback as and when I need it.

I first saw him as I had joined a semi professional dance performance company and needed to develop my core strength, the strength in my arms and legs, and to protect my back from injury (which I had a history of). I only intended to see him for 12 sessions. I have been seeing him for almost a year now and the sessions have meant that my back is now strong and gives me no problems and that my painful knee is a thing of the past.

Graham says

“Richard had some clear goals, being a semi-professional dancer he wanted to do something that would help improve his dancing. That was his primary concern, in addition to this he also wanted to tone up and lose a few pounds. He also had issues with his lower back and knees, issues that were often worsened by his dancing. Richard therefore presented some problems, interesting problems that were going to need some thought. Initially we had to develop his core strength and flexibility; his movement was very good but almost too good for the strength of his core to cope with.

We did a lot of core work to start with and then gradually added movements on to this, movements that he would need and use in his dancing – balance, control, strength, stability and so on. We restricted any dynamic movement to start with, instead concentrating on less demanding strength work on the lower back and knees and, again, we built this up over time into more dynamic exercises that Richard was better able to control with his improved core strength. Richard worked really hard on his diet.”

The mum of two Nina

I joined the gym last year after having 2 children and doing no exercise for 5 years. I consulted Graham after about a month as I found I just wasn't achieving any real results. I would exercise but stop as soon as I started to get out of breath etc.

Graham and I discussed what my goals were and then Graham devised a program around that. I have 3 sessions a week and before I started Graham measured and weighed me. Within 4 weeks I noticed a big improvement in my measurements and fitness. After a few months people who had not seen me for a while really started to comment on my shape, that was my biggest motivation.

I have found that Graham pushes me in a positive way, I manage to do exercises that I think I can't do as he believes in me even when I don't always. The biggest achievement for me has been the fact that I can now run. I have always lacked stamina and have never dared to even jog at a slow pace on the treadmill, now I have the confidence and the ability to get on the treadmill alone and run, Never ever would I have done that before, I would only walk at a quick pace.

Graham and I regularly discuss my progress and as I have improved I have altered my goals which Graham will adapt my program to. With the help and guidance from Graham I have achieved and maintained the shape I wanted and am still improving. To date I have lost over 2 stone and 2 dress sizes, with Graham's advice I have altered my eating plan but do not diet. In fact I eat more now than ever just at the right times. I have never really liked exercise and even now I have days when I arrive at the gym and feel like turning right back round, but knowing Graham is there I get over that barrier and after our session I always feel good for pushing myself. I am so proud of the results I have achieved now that even when I am unable to train in the gym due to family commitments I will still try to do a bit at home.

Graham says

“Nina had some clear plans; lose some weight and tone up before her sister's wedding in The States. Simple. By her admission Nina's diet wasn't the best and she had some lower back problems, these also had to be addressed in order to move forward. Nina made great progress purely due to her own dedication and effort. We worked more efficiently and effectively with the work we did, a lot of large multi muscle movements, some core work and I helped motivate her when she had occasional lapses in self-belief.”


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